Volunteers make the Parade happen every year, we need help with everything from ushering participants, affixing last minute decorations, to wrangling adorable young ones trying to crash the Parade for a spot a lime light. If you're interested in volunteering to help make this event happen, please complete the form online HERE, or below:

Thank you for volunteering for our upcoming community parade! Without you, we don't have this wonderful tradition. 

Volunteers are needed for both pre-parade setup help if you are planning on being in the parade, and during the parade to help maintain our safe and fun environment. 

All setup shifts will need to arrive at or before 7:30am, all parade route volunteers will need to arrive at or before 9:00am. We will have coffee, water and snacks available for all as well as any and all materials. 

**Special volunteers on bikes are requested - if you are able and willing to be a volunteer on a bike, please make a note of it in the "Additional Information" box at the bottom of the form!**